【Official】Sunrise Jogahama

Welcome to Sunrise Jogahama to the beach

Sunrise Jogahama a place of recreation of Akadomari Sunrise Jogahama can refresh not only for tourists but also for local people.
We offer you the service so that it is a Akadomari nosed place where everyone who came on a cruise journey will be delighted.

Accommodation Features·Facility

  • In-house facilities

    Elevators are equipped on the stairs, and people with disabilities can also use it with confidence.
  • front desk

    Please do not hesitate to ask us about your stay or surrounding information
  • Restaurant

    It is a restaurant that you can use many windows and enjoy the view
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Hotel Name

Sunrise Jogahama


2915 Mikawa, Sado City, Niigata Prefecture

Telephone number



【Free pickup from the nearest port in the island】Approximately 5 minutes by car from Akadomari Port by free shuttle

Pick-up presence (condition)
"From Akadomari Port" can be booked on the same day
Ogi Port from "Ryotsu Port / Ogi Port" must be booked by 17 o'clock the previous day.

Please use each ship of "Sado Kisen" from Honshu.
Depending on the season, Akadomari-kan a Akadomari-kan Teradomari - Akadomari-kan, Naoetsu - Ogi-kan
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Sado Akadomari, Sunrise Jogahama, five charm

  • ① The sea and mountainous areas are plentiful! Hospitality with delicious Sado cuisine throughout the year

    Enjoy the fresh seafood directly from Akadomari Port Sado surrounded by the sea.Because Sado rich in mountains and rich in water, vegetables rich in nutrition plentiful seasonal vegetables and mountaineering!
    You will always be able to enjoy seafood mountain favorites with fresh and luxurious Sado cuisine.
  • ② enjoy the rich natural environment

    The sea and the mountains are close! The natural environment of Sado where various play and experience in nature can be done.Of course the seafood mountain food and cuisine are also delicious!
  • ③ Excellent view! Enjoy the spectacular sea spreading in front of you!

    The view you want from the rooms of the hotel is exceptional!
    Clear ocean and white sand beach.Also, since there is nothing to separate the sea, you can see the superb view from the room ascending the morning sun.
    Please listen to the ripple ripple of the sea and have a romantic moment.

    Also, the view from the open-air bath looking at the Sea of ​​Japan is also the best! Relax leisurely with an outdoor bath while watching the ocean spreading everywhere.

    0 minutes from the hotel! Shirogahama Sea Bath spreading in front of you can enjoy ocean at Shirogahama Sea Bath.
    You can enjoy it in the summer by swimming in the sea!
    It is safe even for families with small children, as there are dressing rooms, shower and toilet on top, and in front of this facility.
    Please relax in the room after plenty playing

Attraction of Sado"Akadomari"

  • What is Akadomari?

    Akadomari is an area located in the southern part of Sado.
    The south faces the Essa Kaikyo Strait, opposite the Echigo and the shortest distance of about 40 Km opposite the Teradomari.
    Covered with gentle mountain of small Sado mountains, coupled with the Tsushima Current, it is a mild climate throughout the year.
    Edo era, Sadogashima became the territory of the Edo Shogunate, Akadomari Port flourished as Sado Bunko Inbound Port, and also as the area of Kitamaebune and Matsumae earning merchants.

Reserve·Contact us

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.