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  2. The hospitality of the hotel

The hospitality of the hotel

Welcome to Sunrise Jogahama gahama

  • Sunrise Jogahama Akadomari a place to relax in Akadomari where not only travelers but also locals can be refreshed.
    We offer you the service so that it is a Akadomari nosed place where everyone who came on a cruise journey will be delighted.
  • 1. Sea and mountainous areas are plentiful! Hospitality with delicious Sado cuisine throughout the year

    Enjoy the fresh seafood directly from Akadomari Port Sado surrounded by the sea.Because Sado rich in mountains and rich in water, vegetables rich in nutrition plentiful seasonal vegetables and mountaineering!
    You will always be able to enjoy seafood mountain favorites with fresh and luxurious Sado cuisine.
  • 2. Enjoy rich natural environment

    The sea and the mountains are close! The natural environment of Sado where various play and experience in nature can be done.Of course the seafood mountain food and cuisine are also delicious!
  • 3. Excellent view! Enjoy the spectacular sea spreading in front of you!

    The view you want from the rooms of the hotel is exceptional!
    Clear ocean and white sand beach.Also, since there is nothing to separate the sea, you can see the superb view from the room ascending the morning sun.
    Please listen to the ripple ripple of the sea and have a romantic moment.

    Also, the view from the open-air bath looking at the Sea of ​​Japan is also the best! Relax leisurely with an outdoor bath while watching the ocean spreading everywhere.

    0 minutes from the hotel! Shirogahama Sea Bath spreading in front of you can enjoy ocean at Shirogahama Sea Bath.
    You can enjoy it in the summer by swimming in the sea!
    It is safe even for families with small children, as there are dressing rooms, shower and toilet on top, and in front of this facility.
    After having played a lot, please take a day off in the room.
  • Four. A rich experience plan of Sado · Akadomari!

    Area, can not experience usually while petting people, industry, and history, we offer the experience plan of the if Akadomari

    We can enjoy the seasonal nature experience and things that you can enjoy throughout the year.

    Easy price for your wallet! From children to adults, we will help you make memories with a petit experience that will make you crazy.

    All reservation system will be, so please contact us as soon as possible after making inquiries.
  • Five. Leave a party and gatherings at lots of people! The 12 largest rooms in Akadomari Region!

    Please leave accommodation for groups like school excursions and training camps, employee trips and banquets! As rooms and meals as well as conference rooms and meeting rooms are available, it can be used as a gathering place for organizations.