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  2. Attraction of Sado"Akadomari"

Attraction of Sado"Akadomari"

  • What is Akadomari?

    Akadomari is an area located in the southern part of Sado.
    The south faces the Essa Kaikyo Strait, opposite the Echigo and the shortest distance of about 40 Km opposite the Teradomari.
    Kosado Mountain Area is covered with gentle mountains in the Kosado Mountain Area Mountains, and together with the Tsushima Current, it has a warm climate throughout the year.
    Edo period, Sadogashima became a territory under the direct control of the Edo Shogunate, and Akadomari Port prospered as a port for Sado Akadomari Port and a region for Kitamaebune and Matsumae Kasegi (making money in Matsumae) Merchant.
    Currently, there is a high-speed ship "Aibisu" operated between Akadomari Port and Teradomari Port.
  • Experience at a Akadomari

    Akadomari, "Exchange" with people living in this land is the biggest theme of experience.
    I would like to convey "real" nature, life, industry and history through "experiences people and people interact" with everyone who came to see the people living here in the Akadomari area.

Akadomari Map

  • In the Akadomari which is also called "natural recreation village", you can fully enjoy the rich nature and the history of the land.
    A taste of mountain and seafood! Please spend some time warming your heart with the kindness of Akadomari nights.

Illustration useful for sightseeing in Akadomari MAP!